All around the Capital stunning jazz open mic events are taking place nightly so take your pick! Open mic means that the microphone is open to all. Vocalists have the opportunity to get up and sing accompanied by an instrumentalist or possibly by a whole rhythm section. Some events give part of the evening over to special invited guests or to mini sets highlighting individual singers.

Taking part in open mic nights is an important way singers get practice performing before a live audience. These nights can be a stepping stone to professional engagements. There is a wealth of talent of all ages to be discovered. Singers most often are studying music with vocal coaches or in classes for jazz vocalists. They come prepared with sheet music written out in their key. They know their words and have been practicing their pieces. Open mic nights are ideal place for meeting others with a passion for the music.

There is a great atmosphere with an audience of fellow singers and guests encouraging participants to do their best. There is also a wonderful selection of music with singers searching out lesser know pieces to make their own. To my mind there is nothing more exciting than a night of open mic vocal jazz.

Chris Legee, Host & Organizer of Singers' Night